Frequently Asked Questions

The Family Insights App is only compatible with iOS and Android smart devices,  and is not supported by Windows or Mac computers at this stage.

For the app to function, a device requires iOS 9.3 or higher, running on an iPhone 5 or later. For Android it requires versions 19 (KitKat)+.

The Family Insights parent portal is supported via browser on Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer 10+.

Push Notifications: Required to receive notifications of potential threats.

Location: Optional but required in order for GPS Tracking features to function.

VPN Profile: Required to create the VPN profile and enable connection to VPN.

Motion and Fitness Activity: Required to track location of the device for GPS Tracking features.

To reset your Family Insights password, simply click on the ‘Lost Password’ link under the password field on the Login page.

You can access the portal, and manage accounts via your desktop by visiting - Unfortunately the App software is not available on Linux, MacOS or Windows platforms at this stage.

To uninstall an application, you will need to disable restrictions

To enable this, open your phone's settings > General > Restrictions > Enter the passcode > Switch on deleting apps

To stop monitoring a child’s device, you simply need to access the Family Insights app on that child’s phone, go to settings, and select ‘Parent Mode’.

This will ensure that the network data for that device is no longer being monitored. You can also delete a child’s device from within the Parent Portal.

To view your family’s activity, you need to ensure you configure your children’s devices.

You can do this by downloading the Family Insights App on your child’s phone, signing in with your registered email address and password, selecting which child uses the device and accepting the necessary permissions.

If you are experiencing issues with this function, please contact us here.

Absolutely. We have created and rigorously tested our service to ensure it works across all Australian mobile carriers and remains in place even when family members log onto another carrier or WiFi network. In other words, your family will be protected no matter which service they use.

Yes you will. All social activity from the device is monitored. We have alerts when new apps are downloaded and you can follow social media usage regardless of accounts. We suggest talking to your family about the support you can give, empowering them to make the right choices.

Our Head of Education, Robyn Treyvaud is an internationally recognised cyber safety expert. Robyn is responsible for overseeing all of the advice and content produced by Family Insights, including the alerts issued within the app.

All of the information and research we reference is retrieved from reputable sources throughout the world - and it’s updated regularly to ensure it’s current.

Family Insights’ fast and secure VPN network will not work in conjunction with another VPN network.

Absolutely. One subscription covers up to 20 supported mobile devices. As long as you have downloaded and activated it on each device you are covered.

While our philosophy is that education and empowerment help children to make smarter, safer and more responsible decisions online, we also understand how addictive smartphones and social media can be for young people.

The Family Insights scheduling feature helps parents to manage screen time and by ensuring that children aren’t active online after a specific time. Through utilising this feature, parents are able to schedule a specific time of day when their children will be unable to access the Internet from their devices, which is particularly useful for preventing excessive screen time, distraction from school work and sleep deprivation.

At Family Insights we believe the protection of your family’s privacy is fundamental to our mission to keep families safe online. We also believe that every relationship should be built on trust and transparency. With that in mind, here are our promises to you:

  • We won’t sell or share your family’s data

  • We are transparent about our practices and will notify you if we make any changes

  • We use the latest security industry best practices to protect your family at all times