Monthly Subscription

Pay as you go on a monthly basis. All your family's mobile devices are covered - up to 20 per subscription. Your service starts on day one and you can check locations, receive threat alerts and begin to learn and grow as a family, safe online.


per month Free Trial

30 Day Free Trial

Whether you choose the monthly or the annual subscription we believe in our product. We know Family Insights works and are pleased to offer a 30 day free trial. We know after just 30 days you will believe, trust and want our product.


30 days Free Trial

Annual Subscription

Ensure your whole family is covered for a year in just one simple payment. Providing 365 days of security and safety for your family online. Delivering alerts, advice and education to ensure you are covered and can resolve threats as they occur.


per year Free Trial

Getting Started is Easy

In under ten minutes you can gain protection and confidence.

Create Account

Set up an account and the profiles of children and devices in our online portal.

Download the App

Download the app to the parent's mobile device via either the Apple or Google Play App Store.

Add Devices

Download and lock our secure app to each of your children's devices using your parent PIN.

Real Time Protection

With Family Insights configured, you can breathe easier knowing your children's behaviours are being monitored and analysed in real time

30 day FREE Trial

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