Family Insights Features

  • Protect the Whole Family

    Manage all of your children, and all of the mobile devices they have access to, in the parent portal.

  • Mobile Monitoring

    Our app locks to children’s Apple and Android devices and monitors internet access across all mobile carrier and WIFI networks by utilising our fast, secure VPN network. 

  • Real Time Analysis

    Using Wangle’s best in class VPN, we monitor internet traffic in real time across the network and send alerts to parents as soon as threats are identified.

  • Alerts & Resources

    Alerts include detail on issues identified, research findings on the subject, suggestions on how to approach each issue with children plus more resources to support both parents and children.

  • Track App & Device Usage

    See detailed information including most used apps, time spent gaming or on social media platforms, time spent on messaging apps or on the phone, and even recent GPS locations.

  • Ongoing Research

    Working in collaboration with Telethon Kids Institute, we’ll ensure internet behaviours are continuously analysed so we can identify new threats and feed the learnings back into the application.

Simple To Get Started

In under ten minutes set up your whole family
for ongoing real-time protection.

Create Account

Set up an account and the profiles of children and devices in our online portal.

Download the App

Download the app to the parent’s mobile device via either the Apple or Google Play app store.

Add Devices

Download and lock our secure app to each of your children’s devices using your parent PIN.

Real Time Protection

With Family Insights configured, you can breathe easier knowing your children’s behaviours are being monitored and analysed in real time.

Trusted By Parents