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How the Wangle Family Insites App Could Benefit Your Family

How much time children spend on devices is always a worry for parents and carers. While high quality programming and productive screen time can be a healthy way for teenagers and young children to learn, interact and develop, too much screen time can be a legitimate cause for concern. Excessive use of electronic devices can have a range of negative effects on a young person’s physical and mental well-being. Potential side effects include: insomnia, obesity, anxiety and stress, and lower levels of happiness [1].

“Excessive exposure to media, including in the background, has small but measurable, negative effects on children of all ages. Of these effects, the ones we have the strongest evidence for are obesity and disrupted sleep.” [2]

Of course, measuring screen time can - in itself - be problematic. In a recent post, Sonia Livingstone and Natalia Kucirkova explore the challenges of creating usage limitations on something as multifunctional as screen technologies and discuss the disadvantages of measuring a child’s screen usage in terms of quantity rather than quality.

“A screen can refer to an iPad used to Skype their grandparents, a Kindle for reading poetry, a television for playing video games, or a desktop computer for their homework.” [3]

Therefore, the emphasis should be placed on helping children to develop healthy media habits, rather than simply applying blanket restrictions. Yet, as many modern parents will know, monitoring a child’s screen habits can often present its own challenges.

The Wangle Family Insites app is an essential tool for parents who want to proactively manage their children’s digital media consumption. Our revolutionary new software can lock to a child’s device and monitor their Internet usage and total hours of screen time. This not only helps to provide protection from potential threats but also helps parents to understand where their children are spending their time when they’re active on their devices.

The Wangle Family Insites Parent Portal provides parents with an overview of each child’s patterns of behaviour. By simply selecting a child’s profile, parents are able to view information such as: most used apps (including total hours active on social networking sites or games), peak time of use, total hours spent on device, and a timeline of all threats that have been detected. This timeline includes information and additional resources on each identified threat, along with advice on how to address it with your child.

By utilising our Parent Portal, parents are able to get a complete picture of their children’s usage statistics without spying on their private content. What this means is that, while you will be able to view how much time they spend messaging their friends, you won’t be able to view the content of their messages. This protects privacy and preserves trust, which is an integral part of a healthy parent-child relationship.

Parent Portal

Parent Portal

While our philosophy is that education and empowerment help children to make smarter, safer and more responsible decisions online, we also understand how addictive smartphones and social media can be for young people [1]. For parents who are concerned or struggling to manage screen time, our new scheduling feature helps to ensure that children aren’t active online after hours. Through utilising this feature, parents are able to schedule specific times of the day or night where their children will be unable to access the Internet on their devices, which can be particularly useful for preventing them from staying up late messaging or playing games.

Internet Scheduling Feature

Internet scheduling feature

Every parent has fears and reservations about letting their child travel without supervision. As kids get older, we allow them more freedom and independence, but it’s not without risk. Whether it’s walking to and from the local corner store or catching a bus to meet their friends at the shopping centre, we all worry about our children being led astray or not being where they say they are. Our GPS tracking feature helps put parents’ minds at ease by giving them access to their child’s location at any given time. To offer an added layer of protection, our GPS gating feature allows parents to set up alerts for when a child’s device moves outside of a 20-metre radius of a chosen location.

GPS Gating Feature

GPS gating feature

While having these safeguards in place is important, cyber safety software itself is never the whole solution; parental controls should only be used as a supplement to parental support and guidance.

The true benefit of the Wangle Family Insites app is the fact that it encourages collaborative, parent-child learning, while also offering 24-hour protection. Click here to start your 30-day-free-trial.



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