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Robyn Treyvaud

Head of Education

Robyn Treyvaud is a globally recognised expert in online safety and digital citizenship. She is an educational leader with over 40 years of experience in schools in Australia and has worked in Asia as an International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Program (PYP) workshop leader.

Robyn is the founder of Cyber Safe Kids, an international organization that assists educators, schools and parent communities to understand and meet the challenges of living and working in the digital world. Cyber Safe Kids works in collaboration with Common Sense Media, (US) the South West Grid for Learning (UK) and Australian governments to train communities to behave safely, think critically and participate responsibly in digital environments. She is a trusted advisor to governments, the media, industry and not for profits, nationally and internationally. Robyn has a profile as an international keynote speaker and is a presenter of a TED talk Navigating Cyberia with a Moral Compass.

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The Dangers Of Online Shopping For Families

In our click and collect culture, online shopping has become so popular that it’s almost second nature.

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Whisper App Review | Anonymous Social Confessions

Whisper is a popular social confessional app designed for young adults aged over 18. Marketed as an online community where people anonymously share real thoughts, the app’s anonymity and strong...

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How To Talk To Your Kids About Porn

Underage access to pornographic material is nothing new but the ease of accessibility afforded by the digital age has accelerated the rate at which children are viewing this content.

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Symptoms Of Sleep Deprivation In Teens | Is Your Teen Getting Enough Sleep?

Nowadays, it’s all too easy to sweep sleep deprivation under the rug as a normal rite of passage that every teen experiences.

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6 Online Safety Tips For Kids

The digital world offers a whole new set of challenges for parents. Fortunately, parents can help children understand and manage the risks of going online, so they can mitigate potential...

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How the Wangle Family Insites App Could Benefit Your Family

How much time children spend on devices is always a worry for parents and carers. While high quality programming and productive screen time can be a healthy way for teenagers and...

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Parenting In The Digital Age | Challenges And Opportunities

Digital technologies have been woven into the fabric of daily life for children and teens, presenting opportunities and challenges for parents. While a growing body of research has found that the...

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The Pros & Cons Of Internet Monitoring Software | A Guide For Parents

Do you know what your children are doing online? There are a myriad of online threats facing children as they grow up in a digitally connected world.

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Sleep Deprivation in Teens | Is Technology To Blame?

Sleep deprivation in teens is a growing health and well-being concern, exacerbated by excessive use of screen-based technologies.

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Facebook Messenger Kids App Review: Should Your Child Be Using Facebook's New App?

Messenger Kids is Facebook’s new social messaging app, designed for young people to connect with friends and family.

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National Day of Action Against Bullying & Violence | Stop Bullying Now

The 16th of March is an important day in the fight against bullying. This is the date of the 2018 National Day of Action Against Bullying & Violence (NDA).

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How Technology Is Enhancing Your Teens Digital Privacy

There is a lot of talk based around how technology and the Internet have removed our sense of privacy, and our desire for anonymity.

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