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Robyn Treyvaud

Head of Education

Robyn Treyvaud is a globally recognised expert in online safety and digital citizenship. She is an educational leader with over 40 years of experience in schools in Australia and has worked in Asia as an International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Program (PYP) workshop leader.

Robyn is the founder of Cyber Safe Kids, an international organization that assists educators, schools and parent communities to understand and meet the challenges of living and working in the digital world. Cyber Safe Kids works in collaboration with Common Sense Media, (US) the South West Grid for Learning (UK) and Australian governments to train communities to behave safely, think critically and participate responsibly in digital environments. She is a trusted advisor to governments, the media, industry and not for profits, nationally and internationally. Robyn has a profile as an international keynote speaker and is a presenter of a TED talk Navigating Cyberia with a Moral Compass.

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How To Talk About Mental Health & Wellbeing With Your Teen

The Internet - specifically social media - has contributed to a major spike in teen mental health issues.

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What Is A Digital Tattoo & Why Does It Matter?

“What if Andy Warhol had it wrong, and instead of being famous for 15 minutes, we're only anonymous for that long?” - Juan Enriquez.

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The Momo Game: Understanding Risk Factors

Momo is the latest viral trend to be connected with teen suicides and risk-taking behaviours by local and international media outlets.

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Effects Of Negative Body Image On Young People

While poor body image is an ‘equal opportunity offender’ which doesn’t discriminate between genders, it has historically been associated with being more of a women’s issue.

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Encouraging Children To Embrace The Joy of Missing Out

“We are always haunted by the myth of our potential, of what we might have it in ourselves to be or do… We share our lives with the people we...

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5 Things To Do If Your Child Sees Hate Speech On Social Media

It often seems as though the Internet’s best features are also its worst. Take, for example, the fact that it’s widely accessible and enables people from all walks of life...

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Digital Friendships: Can Internet Friends Be Real Friends?

To most modern parents, the online and offline worlds are decidedly different environments; one represents real life, and the other is simply a digital hub for storing information, sharing images,...

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Zipit: The Anti Sexting App You Should Know About

Technology has become an integral part of modern life, especially for young people who are being raised in a digitally dependent world.

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When Other Parents Don't Respect Your Cyber Safety Rules

Raising digital citizens can be challenging for parents who grew up before the advent of social media, and it doesn’t help when a lot of the advice being given to...

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Helping Kids Understand Gender Stereotypes In A Modern World

Children begin to absorb gender stereotypes from a very young age. These stereotypes, which are informed by society’s ideals and norms, can impact a young person’s freedom to make their...

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Establishing Smartphone Rules For Teens | A Guide For Parents

There’s no doubt that smartphones are having a profound impact on the way young people today communicate and spend their free time [2, 6], with the average Australian child now...

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10 Dangerous Apps for Kids Every Parent Should Know About

With the constant influx of new social media apps available, tackling online safety as a parent and knowing which apps are safe and unsafe for your child or teen can...

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