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Robyn Treyvaud

Head of Education

Robyn Treyvaud is a globally recognised expert in online safety and digital citizenship. She is an educational leader with over 40 years of experience in schools in Australia and has worked in Asia as an International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Program (PYP) workshop leader.

Robyn is the founder of Cyber Safe Kids, an international organization that assists educators, schools and parent communities to understand and meet the challenges of living and working in the digital world. Cyber Safe Kids works in collaboration with Common Sense Media, (US) the South West Grid for Learning (UK) and Australian governments to train communities to behave safely, think critically and participate responsibly in digital environments. She is a trusted advisor to governments, the media, industry and not for profits, nationally and internationally. Robyn has a profile as an international keynote speaker and is a presenter of a TED talk Navigating Cyberia with a Moral Compass.

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Teaching Your Teen Healthy Social Media Habits

Social media presents young people with a range of learning and interpersonal opportunities, but it is also riddled with risks.

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Family Conversations To Have This World Mental Health Week

World Mental Health Week will be taking place from the 7th until the 13th October this year; with October 10th marking World Mental Health Day.

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Understanding Accessible Technology & Assistive Technology

Accessible technologies and assistive technologies play an important role in establishing a diverse and inclusive society.

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Spotify App Review: Is This Streaming Site Safe For Kids?

In our most recent blog, we talk about the importance of enforcing age restrictions for social media.

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Why Age Restrictions For Social Media Are So Important

Answering the question of why age restrictions for social media are so important entails consideration of two major things: the sheer amount of content that can be seen and shared...

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Teaching Kids How To Recognise Fake News

The internet is an invaluable learning resource: it’s informational capacity is unparalleled. Yet, with something as vast and widely accessible as the internet, it can be challenging for parents and...

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Talking To Kids About The Risk Of Sharing Passwords

According to a 2016 Cyber Security Insights Report commissioned by Norton, 76% of people willingly share their passwords with others.

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Different Forms Of Cyberbullying & How To Detect Them

It’s not uncommon for people to perceive rude or mean behaviour as bullying. There is, however, an important distinction between accidental or isolated meanness, and willful and ongoing cruelty towards others.

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Bad Ergonomics Is A Real Pain In The Neck

The overwhelming majority of Australian schools embrace technologies such as tablets and computers within the school curriculum.

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Children & Technology | Addressing Top Parent Concerns

You switch on the evening news and the feature story is dedicated to condemning some new app you haven’t heard of.

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Tips For Teaching Your Child About Digital Resilience

In the broadest possible terms, resilience is the ability to ‘bounce back’ from an upsetting or stressful situation.

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Why Do Children Bully Other Children Online?

Anti-bullying initiatives have been around for as long as bullying has, yet it still remains a globally pervasive issue. So, why do children bully?

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