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Robyn Treyvaud

Head of Education

Robyn Treyvaud is a globally recognised expert in online safety and digital citizenship. She is an educational leader with over 40 years of experience in schools in Australia and has worked in Asia as an International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Program (PYP) workshop leader.

Robyn is the founder of Cyber Safe Kids, an international organization that assists educators, schools and parent communities to understand and meet the challenges of living and working in the digital world. Cyber Safe Kids works in collaboration with Common Sense Media, (US) the South West Grid for Learning (UK) and Australian governments to train communities to behave safely, think critically and participate responsibly in digital environments. She is a trusted advisor to governments, the media, industry and not for profits, nationally and internationally. Robyn has a profile as an international keynote speaker and is a presenter of a TED talk Navigating Cyberia with a Moral Compass.

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Snapchat App Review | A Popular App With A Shocking Dark Side

Snapchat is one of the most popular messaging platforms used by teenagers, ranking as the seventh most used app amongst younger demographics worldwide.

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6 Stages Of Online Grooming | Is Your Child Safe?

Grooming is a process by which paedophiles gain a child’s trust and draw them into a sexual relationship [1].

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Instagram Safety Tips | A Guide To Protecting Your Teen

Instagram is one of the world’s most popular apps, with young people throughout the world referring to it as something they “can’t go without”.

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Child Grooming Signs To Watch Out For | A Parents Guide

It's every parent's worst fear: An online predator befriending their child, feigning similar interests and eventually establishing trust.   

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Should Parents Monitor Their Child's Social Media?

The question of whether or not parents should monitor their children’s social media often triggers a lot of follow up questions.

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Yellow App Review | The Dangerous New Tinder For Teenagers?

The Yellow App, which has now been rebranded as Yubo, is a hugely popular social networking app designed for teens.

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Does Smartphone Addiction Affect Your Teen’s Mental Health?

The question of whether or not smartphone addiction affects mental health is multi-layered and complex.

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Screen Addiction In Children | How Much Device Time Is Too Much?

Screen addiction in children is a growing epidemic. A growing number of parents are using devices in order to calm and entertain their young children, yet are perhaps unaware of...

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Dangers Of Posting Pictures Online | Is Your Child At Risk?

It’s not uncommon for young people to post photos of their friends online, and the permission is usually implicit rather than explicit.

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Tackling Internet Addiction In Teens | What Can Parents Do?

The process of becoming proficient online takes time and practice, and it stands to reason that the more time that teenagers spend practicing these skills, the quicker they will establish...

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Should Parents Spy On Their Kids Devices | A Breach Of Trust Or A Parent's Right?

It’s a generally accepted truth that, under the right circumstances, some rules are allowed to be broken.

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Tragic Death Calls For More Cyberbullying Awareness

As the nation mourns 14-year-old Amy “Dolly” Everett, who tragically took her own life after being targeted by bullies, families throughout Australia are being forced to confront the harrowing reality...

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