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Building Resilience In Children | Surviving In A Digital World

Australian children are among the youngest first-time technology users in the world [2] and many young people – the demographic whose lives are most enmeshed in the digital world –...

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Helping Your Teen Resist Peer Pressure | Expert Tips For Parents

Modern teens live in a fast-paced digital world where peer pressure is a constant influence. While the essence of peer pressure—the social influence of peers on a person’s attitudes, beliefs...

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Good Ergonomics For Kids – Ensuring Good Posture

Recent Australian and international studies reveal that between 36% and 60% of children experience pain or discomfort when using computers or digital devices [2].

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Tango App Review | Anonymous Messaging For Teens

Tango is a social networking app for phones and tablets that offers multiple ways to connect with friends and strangers via voice, video and messaging, group chats, games, phone calls,...

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Fortnite App Review | Is It Safe?

Fortnite is a survival-action video game, available on PC, console and mobile, that has been enthusiastically received by teens and tweens.

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How Can Social Media Be Used In Education?

Many educators and parents have recognised an urgent need to support digital forms of learning that will empower younger generations to tackle complex future challenges in our increasingly online world [2].

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13 Things To Know Before Watching 13 Reasons Why

‘13 Reasons Why’ is a dark Netflix drama series which was originally released in March of 2017 and quickly became one of the most talked about shows of the year.

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The Importance of Digital Privacy For Families

With the rise of digital technology, the lines between public and private have blurred and become infinitely more complicated.

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How Would I Know If My Child Is A Cyberbully

Bullying by children and young people is not a new phenomenon, but the digital age has given rise to a new form of it.

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The Hidden Dangers Of Online Games

While online games provide entertainment, opportunities to learn skills such as problem solving and collaboration by connecting with other gamers, it’s important that children and teens are equipped to handle...

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A Guide For Developing A Family Media Agreement

Many parents are seeking effective, empowering and inclusive ways to manage digital technologies with their family.

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Do You Need A Privacy Health Check?

“Privacy today is founded on the principles of transparency and accountability. It is about ensuring individuals can exercise choice and control and that the actions of organisations reflect the value...

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