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Black Friday & Cyber Monday Marketing Tricks

Tempted by the amazing bargains being offered for the post Thanksgiving sales?Your kids are too!

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Hold That Text. Using Media Mindfully

How would you feel if you left your smartphone at home and had to spend the day without it? Research has uncovered some compelling data about how teens use their smartphones...

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The Parents’ Survival Guide to Children, Technology and the Internet

As parents, what challenges or opportunities do you face regarding digital technologies and how they have become pervasive in the life of your family?

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Sextortion: what is it and how to mitigate it

Sextortion — it’s a concept similar to sexting, but it doesn’t have quite the same meaning. And that’s because unlike sexting, sextortion is more sinister in nature.

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Technoference: a new phenomenon

Fact: Technology is everywhere.

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Voice Assisted Technology: Food For Thought

“Hey Siri, what is the weather report for today?”

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Red Dead Redemption II — What’s The Verdict?

“A gigantic, gun-toting open-world romp through the Wild West that will pit [players] against rival gangs, authority figures and the elements of a brutal world” -  Tech Radar

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Underage Gambling Is A Reality Among Teenagers

Underage gambling — are we surprised that it happens? No, not really. What is surprising though, are the statistics surrounding the issue.

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Family Insights: It's Not A Trick, It's A Treat

Parenting presents its fair share of challenges, but perhaps the toughest challenge of all is ensuring your child is safe — even when they’re out of sight.

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No Self Control? There's an App for That!

Australians are among the world’s most prolific Internet users, with young Australians becoming immersed in digital technologies from the moment they’re born.

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Where To Get Advice About The Latest Online Threats

The technologies we use in our everyday lives are subject to constant change. Each day we’re introduced to some new, innovative software and told how much simpler our lives will...

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Benchmarking of Parental Control Tools & Online Safety

Parents and caregivers are responsible for shaping their children’s level of interaction with media. They play a pivotal role in providing young people with the opportunity to learn, socialise and...

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