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MOMO: The Deadly Online Challenge

In August 2018 Family Insights published an article, The MOMO Game: Understanding the Risks

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App Review - Tellonym

Remember Yik Yak and Sarahah the anonymous messaging services that were shut down following controversy around abuse and bullying by teens using them?

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Understanding consent in a digital world

The UK Safer Internet Centre published a report ‘Our Internet, Our Choice: Understanding consent in a digital world’ on Safer Internet Day 2019.

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To Spy, Or Not To Spy...That Is The Question

Prof Andy Phippen poses an interesting question: ‘While there are many positives of young people using tech, we are flooded with concerns too- too much screen time, inappropriate content, cyberbullying,...

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Safer Internet Day-Together for a Better Internet

Safer Internet Day (SID) is celebrated globally in 130 countries on Tuesday 5 February 2019 with the theme, ‘Together for a Better Internet’ which promotes the safe and positive use...

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Correcting or Perfecting? 'Selfie' Improvement Apps

Social networking sites place disproportionate importance on outsider opinion, physical appearance, and pre-conceived ideals of body image, gender roles, and femininity and masculinity.

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Do you see what I see? Kids, data and privacy in 2019

On January 28 Data Privacy Day was celebrated globally with its focus on raising the awareness of individuals to consider best practices in this field, their rights and how to...

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“Together for a Better Internet” — Safer Internet Day 2019

Safer Internet Day 2019 will be held on Tuesday 5 February to help encourage a better internet, with this year's theme — "Together for a better internet". Family Insights has become an official supporter and encourages as many people to join in on the activities. SID2019

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Having The Smart Digital Talk With Your Family

Many parents are seeking effective, empowering and inclusive ways to manage digital technologies with their family.

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Are All Online Strangers Created Equal?

Fact: 8% of 8 to 9 year-olds have communicated online with people they didn’t know.

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Children, Pornography and Parenting

A 2018 collaboration between UK, New Zealand and Australian online safety agencies into the role parents play in protecting their children from risks online such as exposure to pornography, published...

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